Satisfaction Studies

This type of study represents an extremely important instrument to evaluate the degree of satisfaction - the quality of the services provided, together with clients (external public), allowing to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, to reflect on the organization’s, in various areas, with the goal of implementing improvements.


A Customer Satisfaction Study can cover several areas of the company's operations, it can be transversal and becomes an essential tool for decision-making.


It is a way for the company to evaluate how it is seen by the market, for example:


What is your reputation and image according to your customers?

How satisfied are they with your products and services?

How satisfied are they with complaint handling?

How satisfied are they with customer service?


It is a type of study that can also be directed to the internal public – employees - with the purpose of evaluating their Degree of Satisfaction in the company’s most diverse areas, crossing in, this case, with the Human Resources Management area.


Customer satisfaction (external and internal) is determinant in the company's future behavior. In this way, the willingness of companies will be fundamental to carefully manage the structural and emotional component of satisfaction, that is, their most tangible aspects and the company's own personality that will influence the client's perception, the way they feel it.


In increasingly competitive markets Customer Satisfaction Studies are an important tool, since they are an indicator that allows us to evaluate the company's performance and its capacity to respond to the needs of its customers.

A satisfied and loyal customer is a customer less sensitive to price changes, it is an "drinving client" in strengthening the company's reputation and increasing the profitability of the business.


In order to value this management, there are several strategically defined aspects. Through market research and analysis, we evaluated the degree of customer satisfaction in order to improve the service, product, brand and other company’s points identified in the study.


  • Measuring customer satisfaction levels
  • Supply adjustment to customer needs
  • Analysis of market opportunities
  • Checking the company's strengths and weaknesses

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