Internationalization Strategies

To internationalize is to develop the business beyond national borders, it is a process of learning the business in a new dimension.


It is a decision-making process, in the form of a vicious cycle, to questions such as:


Who to internationalize?


Why internationalize?


Where to internationalize?


When to Internationalize?


How to internationalize?


The reasons that lead an organization to start an internationalization process or increase its international presence may be external or internal. They are always strategic decisions to find the balance between objectives, opportunities and available resources.

We have witnessed a growing globalization of brands in the consumer goods market, but also in industry and services. The question arises not so much in the decision as to where to globalize, but rather how to do it successfully, and what level of globalization is sought.


If, on the one hand, the phenomenon of globalization of markets leads to a homogenization of the tastes and consequently standardization of products or services. On the other hand, we can not ignore the perspective of local consumers, which is built under the influence of their cultures and values and the degree of development and maturity of their markets. This leads to the need for organizations to look for differences by constantly evaluating the markets in order to make the necessary adaptations to promote greater and better acceptance of products and / or services.

Achieving a relevant and competitive brand presence in international strategic markets with unique core values is the big challenge.

The differences in each market count, and the solution goes through a semi-globalization perspective, according to which the strategies of internationalization pay particular attention to the critical role of local specificities.

Any international strategy has as its main objective to manage the differences that arise within the borders of the markets and, in reality, the world is semi-globalized and will remain in the decades ahead.

This complementarity in the approach gives us guidelines on how to face the present and the future of the internationalization of organizations.


Supporting organizations to face, implement and manage their internationalization is the challenge that has been placed in the hands of HDL - Business Building. Being with the companies, in the companies and in its name, in international territory, in constant search of the commitment with the solution.


It is gratifying to see, on the field, that the process of internationalization is not only a reality in large companies, but also and increasingly, in small and medium enterprises.

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