Diagnostic Study

Diagnosing before prescribing and acting, is part of our work methodology which crosses other areas in the execution of each project, applying diagnostic techniques to partial and integral projects.


The response to the challenges we face must be based on intervention from different fronts and agents, in search of added value, by the combined effect of companies’ organizational development and also by raising the level of asset qualification, in line with the objectives to be achieved.


It is in this sense that through our experience with organizations of different sizes and activities, as well as the application of scientifically based methodologies and techniques, that we prepare the Diagnostic Plan as a starting point for the project’s execution. Although, it oftenly happens that the diagnosis corresponds to a project itself.


The Organization’s Diagnosis, can have strategic and also operational components. It presupposes the organization’s involvement and its leaders, so that we can act effectively in the real context, our intervention’s subject.


Once all the information is gathered and analyzed it should produce a simple, clear, concrete and synthetic output, which should always be business-oriented, for results’ action and production.


In addition to the Diagnostic Plan, the result is, a set of recommendations - measures and actions - that will achieve the defined objectives.

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