Business Plan

Preparing a Business Plan is a logical and organized way of looking at the most important aspects of a new or current business idea.


It is often thought of a business plan as something necessary to start a business, apply for a loan or to find investors. It is true that it is vital to all of this, but it serves much more.


Keep in mind, from the outset, the application you intend to give to the Plan, such as:

  • Define and set objectives, and how to achieve them;
  • Identification support and financing discussion;
  • Establish the value of the business in case of sale or for legal purposes;
  • Evaluate a new product line, promotion or growth.


A Business Plan consists of a base document that analyzes all the areas of activity of the company and that develops the whole concept of the project to be implemented. You can develop business plans for three different levels:

  • start-up,
  • growth / expansion and restructuring.


The HDL team can develop a complete Business Plan or only focus on specific plans, such as marketing plan, operational plan or financial plan, depending on the interest and purpose of each situation.


“I do not have time to make a plan”


“I can not make plans, I'm too busy getting things done”


By making a business plan now you can save time, stress and many problems later.
Most entrepreneurs only make a Business Plan when required to do so. Unless a bank or potential investor wants to look at a business plan, it is most common that there is no written plan.


This approach is a mistake. The busier you are or expect to be, the more you need a plan. It is the best way to structure your project and to be able to control your detours during execution.

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