Business Area and Clients Management Activation

It is the business department duty , the policy definition and the company’s business strategies in a coherent manner with the company’s Strategic Plan and who   establishes  the business action plan that the company must follow in order maximise its market share and achieve its objectives, guarantying at the same time, the clients satisfaction.


Who are our customers?


What mark ups are we able to use  in the market(s)​?


Which are the products responsible for the higher mark up? Why​?


Where are our customers​?


How long has been since I visited them​?


Which is the average purchase value carried out by the customers​?


Which are the biggest difficulties felt in the market​?


Which alternative markets may I work with​?


Which is my product’s portfolio​?


Which is my customers satisfaction degree​?


Is my sales team motivated​?


Do the client’s account managers, fulfill their objectives


These are some of the many questions  to be put forward , when we talk of activating the commercial area and the client’s account management.


HDL renders assessorial services in this domain, in an outsourcing presence regime or otherwise.


We create the project to the each clients measure, calling the attention for the fact that there should be a previous Diagnosis Study, in relation to the present situation in the commercial  area and in the clients management.


On its implementation, we support the work supervision of the commercial team, in accordance with the defined objectives, through the valuation  of their performance and the sales reports analysis, amongst others. We give advise through regular meetings and promote training actions, with the objective to acquaint the salesmen  with the products and/or the company services, the objectives to be reached as well as the communication and sales techniques that they should apply in the development of their work and also their link with the Marketing decisions.


We came to the conclusion, by self experience, that in this way, the companies feel themselves duly supported, in their organization structure, in a more flexible and specialized way.


We also appoint a project manager, who follows the client in the various different areas of action, together with the specialised consultant team entrusted to the project.


Ounce more, we try to meet our commitment with the solution​!

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