When we talk about Branding (Trade Mark Management), we mean Marketing Management, as they are two concepts profoundly interlinked.


If “marketing, is the management of relationship exchanges of an individual or legal entity, by their different public, differentiating same from the competition”, then the trade mark arises from the need to identify our offer  thus differentiating same from the competition​.


The trade mark identifies  a product , service, individual or place and differentiates same from the competition , increasing its value in order to be understood by their consumers, being in itself an important instrument for the competitivedifferentiation.

How to create a trade mark?

How to manage my trade mark(s)?

Which is my trade mark offer?

Which is the image of my trade mark?

How well known is my trade mark?

How may I increase its value?

Should I change my trade mark logotype?

What name should I give to my trade mark?

How to value my trade mark before the market?

Who is the target public in relation to my trade mark?

Should I create my own trade mark?

What is the reputation of my trade mark?

How to increase the loyalty towards my trade mark?


The Trade Mark is the global experience made available by the company to all home and abroad public ; is the set of untouchable promises,  benefits   and attributes in a tangible in a unique and distinctive way.


We withstand that the Trade Mark apart from being a concept, is a tool that follows a certain way and principles and must for that very reason, be analysed in a clear distinctive way, in relation to the product, For that purpose it is fundamental to understand which are the trade mark aspects that may develop and which are the trade mark elements, that should stay stable, in order to avoid the risk of exhausting the trade mark of its content and sense. At this stage are considered frequently, studies directed to this questions.

A trade mark may be a product, a service, a place, an individual, an entity (with or without profit aims) or an event, but it is essentially a promise made to the market, that must be relevant, unique and sustainable. The answer to that promise, the relationship that the consumer or user establishes or otherwise, being also part of the trademark actual conception, in the sense that it is that answer which will give it in future real value.


HDL – Business Building as an entity, has been co-operating in procedures of creating and restructuring trade marks, offering a transversal service to its clients, being a partner in the trade marks management of diversified types and sectors of activity, supported by a senior team, with recognised know-how and experience.

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