Financial Incentives

There are several types of Financial Incentives that are mostly for SMEs.

With the support of the HDL Team, and with an analysis of the company’s needs, a choice  will be made on the most appropriate incentive for each situation.


The type of support is as follows:

  • Non-refundable grant (lost fund)
  • Subsidy refundable with interest at zero rate
  • Financing with interest subsidy
  • Financial support for contracting
  • etc


There are currently several incentive systems available, notably the



This type of Incentive Systems will serve to boost SMEs and, in some cases, large companies, in the production of goods / services, Research & Development and exports, in four thematic areas: Competitiveness & Internationalization, Social Inclusion & Employment, Human Capital, and Sustainability & Efficiency in the Use of Resources.


Portugal 2020 is being implemented through various operational programs, with varying application deadlines depending on the competition schedule.

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