Networks Management

Presently ,any system has always present, a network structure. Right from single or departmental systems solely accessible to the internet or with access to various physical places within a unique space ;up to a much wider  geographical distribution. In the later case, there may be the need of linkage  in various points, typically via VPN.


To find the best technical solution, as well as  the best relation ,cost benefice, is therefore essential.


  • The evaluation of the following matters is fundamental  for a correct network management; 
  • Cost of network structure of copper and optical fibre;
  • Network system stability;
  • Departmental Wifi networks, with access control definition;
  • Structure redundancy;
  • Control of the various elements composing the network, not only at the physical level , but also the logical level defined by the active services – AD, DNS, DHC, etc...

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