Marketing Management

Marketing finds the reason for its existence, in the human being great diversity of needs and wishes.

The Marketing Management growth importance in the companies development, requires the readiness of their personnel panel with holders of a strong training in various fields.


The Marketing Management, involves the value availability given to the client and when we approach the term value in the marketing field, it does not only mean, the price to be  paid for the final product, but also provides the benefices of that product or service to their buyers.


In the field of Marketing Management, HDL renders management services of great trans-versatility, in the implementation period.


Being the interaction on the field with the client​.


In the outsourcing marketing department it goes as far as the coordination service, followed up by the control actions implementation with the utmost diversified partners and suppliers.


In the marketing assessment and communication, by the companies management as well as marketing departments and entities.


In the trade marks and its communication management, the development processes management, trade marks usage and everything pertaining and to do with  this process.


We are indeed the partner who creates solutions together with the client and being always at his side ,in order to make better the process of decision taking and the results to be achieved.


The Diagnosis prepared previously by HDL, becomes a fundamental instrument, for a correct and effective implementation of the measures recommended within, which in conjunction with the Marketing and Communication Plans, allows us to act on the field, with utmost assurance and efficacy.


In this way, the companies feel themselves supported in their structural infrastructure, in a more flexible and specialized way.


A project manager is appointed, who follows up the client in the various areas of action, together with a team of specialized consultants, entrusted to each project.


HDL has a high entrepreneurial dynamic, extended at national and international levels in cooperation with its clients and partners, placed at various spheres, such as, companies, schools, universities, autarkies, associations and other entities​.


Meaning to go towards our commitment with the solution​!

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