Presented bellow are extracts of testimonies given by clients, partners and fellow workers that make us very grateful. Our MISSION is only possible with Your presence, cooperation and CONFIDENCE.

  • The training took place remotely, and without much certainty of internship and in a time of pandemic, HDL hosted my internship.


    My experience as an intern at HDL was very positive. And although the duration of the internship was short, I quickly felt included in the team and very welcomed.


    I applied all my knowledge and some more, the whole team was patient with me and I learned a lot from everyone.


    I am grateful to everyone involved, Dr. Cristina, Mr. Luis. I wish a lot of success to everyone.

    Marlene Almeida

  • My experience in HDL was very positive and enriching. Since the first day I felt welcomed by the company, the employees were friendly and ready to help, which undoubtedly made me like the experience a lot, as well as helped me to get the best out of it. With the guidance I had from my internship tutor, Dr. Cristina Vila Real, it was possible to put into practice what I learned throughout my training, I had the opportunity to work autonomously, give my contribution to the company and develop myself as a professional.


    I did a 210-hour internship, and although it was short, it helped me to get a perception and experience of what daily life in an accounting office is really like.


    I am very grateful for the opportunity I had at HDL.

    Eliane Rien

  • The organization of a conference or congress of a scientific nature, involves two parts: one relating to the scientific part and another that includes all the logistic and protocol aspects. In relation to the second part, we have chosen HDL, allowing us time to deal with the first part conveniently. The end result was extremely positive: there is a set of details and problems dealt with in an efficient and professional way. In the right moment, HDL was present to solve same. At the end, it is good to listen to the positive comments observed by the participants.


    Adriano Moreira,
    Associate Professor / Algoritmi Investigation Centre, Minho University, Portugal
    Doctorate Program in Telecommunications Director

    Adriano Moreira, Associate Professor, Associate Professor

  • The “Information Systems Portuguese Association / Portuguese Chapter of AIS (www.ptais.pt), has recently organized the main European Information Systems conference : 25 th European Conference on Information Systems (www.capsi2017.eu). The support rendered by HDL to this conference organization was crucial for the great international success achieved, rendering prestige specifically to the Portuguese Community and APSI/PTAIS. Every logistic and social events organization activities, were carried out under the utmost professional standards.


    Note should be taken for the gastronomic and cultural details which made this conference, one of the most relevant conferences carried out in the last 25 years, according to the reports of circa 600 participants of 43 different countries. HDL shall carry on being our first choice for the support for international events that we shall promote in the near future!”


    Isabel Ramos,
    Associate Professor with Aggregation / Associate Professor
    Information Systems Department, Minho University
    APSI President – Information Systems Portuguese Association

    Isabel Ramos, Information Systems Department, Minho University

  • It offers me to share with you the good experience of having HDL as one of our referral consultants. Seriousness, education, friendliness, availability and professionalism mark the values of this company.


    I admire the courage, initiative and work ability of its associates to overcome the challenge of making this company grow.


    Congratulations and strength!

    Vítor Poças President of AIMMP

  • I was chosen to carry out my training period of digital marketing in HDL! Which helped me to develop my capacities in that area as well as in others.


    The HDL professionals, have always been available and involved in order to help me to grow, not only at the professional level, but also personal.


    They have given examples of their extensive professional career, in order to inspire me to go forward and surpass the obstacles that i may encounter in the course of my long journey.


    I am sure that a bright future awaits for me, thank to the experience i have acquired in this project!


    Many thanks for the opportunity!

    Ana Machado

  • It is my pleasure and luck to work with HDL and since then, i have been following their way of success.

    Inovation, dynamism, professoinalism and integrity, are the DNA characteristics imposed by HDL in their daily work.


    It is a team that i strongly recommend and shows the highest professional levels.

    Teresinha Pereira Diretor of Pacto Seguro

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