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For each customer a global change plan is developed by a multifaceted team, with a solid professional and executive experience.


  • Mª Carmo Pessanha Moreira

    Associate Partner HDL

    Experience in Marketing & Communication, in projects  related to cultural and business areas.

    Marketing & Communication consultant for over 10 years and a teacher for Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica.


    She is currently living in São Paulo, Brazil since 2014. She has graduated in Companies’ Management from Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Porto). Also used to be the Marketing & Communication Director for FUNDAÇÃO DE SERRALVES and for the Project BOM SUCESSO (touristic real estate) while in Portugal. 

  • Teresa Aguirre Mendes

    Associate Partner HDL

    Graduated in Economics from FEP-UP; executive MBA – Marketing (UCP, ESADE-Barcelona); Master in Marketing from UCP; Doctorate in Marketing – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – Madrid.


    Director and founder of Agência de Publicidade – Portugal e Espanha (18 years).


    She is a consultant and certified lecturer in management area and specialization in marketing, communication and internationalization.


    Also has experience as a guest faculty member in IPAM and Universidade do Minho – ICS, in communication management, advertising and market studies. In addition has been a guest lecturer in various seminars and workshops.

  • Cristina Vila Real

    Associate Partner HDL

    She has graduated in Economics (FEP), registered on the OCC (Certified Accountants Order), as well as OE (Economists Order).


    She has professional experience as Administrative and Financial Director or Official Accountant of majorly small-medium enterprises. Since 1992 Cristina has been leading assemblage groups in applications of Community Funds Investment projects, which has been currently managing within PORTUGAL 2020 national project.


    Also is specialized in companies reorganization and reformulation of bank liabilities, certified lecturer with pedagogical experience in various Management areas.

  • Alice Isabel Cruz

    Alice Isabel Cruz


    Specialist in Business Advisoring.


    Bachelor in Marketing Management (IPAM). Licentiateship in Geological Engineering – Coimbra University College of Sciences.

    Having resided in the city of  Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) ,carried out professional duties as the Director for Business procedures and Capital participation as well as  investment projects and also Guest House Image – SPA. Has taken part in projects of Portuguese Companies Internationalization.


    Has initiated and developed a new sphere of businesses, such as – Franchising in the capacity of Services Director and Franchising Manager.

    Has had experience as Communication Manager in Consultancy Multinational Companies.

  • Cristina Candeias

    Cristina Candeias


    Licensed in Economy; MBA in Finances (2001), in FEP – Oporto University Economy College.


    Attending presently a post Graduation in Digital Marketing and E-Business (Minho University).


    Has carried out professional duties in Stock Exchange brokerage companies, in the capacities of Back-Office manager as well as stock exchange operator.


    Voting Member for the MC-Brokerage Board of Directors.


    Has been the Director and Manager for the North Region area of CxBI – Caixa Investment Bank.


    Co-ordinator in the field of Credit Recoveries, in the Northern Negotiation area of CGD, for the period of 11 years.

  • Fátima Ribeiro

    Fátima Ribeiro


    Expert in Business Advising and Events Management.


    Licensed in Computer Science/Applied Math – Portucalense University.


    Senior Consultant in Software House Multinational.


    Organization of scientific events (international conferences), pertaining to participants enrolment in the WEB platform, search and management of logistic areas, catering, hostess team management, social events and file organization relating to the event.


    Partaker in various events organization during the European Culture Capital event 2012, taken place in Guimarães (Portugal).


    Development of a project in the Tourism field, the Books House.

  • Guilherme Menezes

    Guilherme Menezes


    Specialist in Digital Marketing.


    Licensed in Artificial Intelligence Systems for the management by the Cávado and Ave Polytechnic Institute in Portugal.


    Consultant in various business activities with the establishment of various strategies, namely: Websites: Planning: Information Architecture, Web-design; Usefulness; Web Marketing; Search Engine Optimization; Search Engine Advertising; Search Engine Marketing; Social Media Marketing – Social Network  Management; E-mail Marketing; Establishment of Contents; Execution of performance reports; Digital Marketing Plan.

  • Irene Machado

    Irene Machado

    Data Protection Assistant

    University Degree Licentiate as Managerial Councelor  (ISCAP) 


    Marketing Assistant carrying out duties in Marketing Management Counselling , namely in planning and execution of various Marketing actions (press releases, benchmarketing studies, organisation of seminars and events, mailings, organisation of institutional documentation, maintenance of information contained in the sites, commercial proceedings follow up, etc).


    Data protection Assistant, being responsible for the proceedings support  before Clients up to the implementation of GDPR as well as the respective preparation of proceedings documentation.

  • Isabel Machado

    Isabel Machado


    Expert on quantitative studies.


    Licensed in applied mathematics and Artificial Intelligence; Master in Science Management, Technology, Innovation and Doctorship in Social Sciences by the Aveiro University (Portugal).


    University Professor since 1999 in the field of Quantitative Methods and Market Studies. Has carried out co-ordination duties in the scientific field for Quantitative Methods.


    Researcher in the field of university teaching studies, was and is presently involved with research teams of international and national projects.


    Consultant in the sphere of Quantitative Studies in PME’s (small and medium companies) and organizations.

  • Luís Rodrigues

    Luís Rodrigues

    IT Consultant

    Expert in Computer Systems and Networks.

    Bachelor in Electrotechnic Engineering by the Coimbra University (Portugal).


    Microsoft Certified Professional.


    DPO (Data Protection Officer) Certificate, gives proceedings and technological support to companies in the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


    Advisor and in charge of Computer Systems of PME´s (small and medium companies) as well as  Large Companies of Assistance and Industrial.


    Expert in Computer Systems Security and Integration of Computer Systems through the requirements analysis at the local security level: antivirus, personal access, intrusions and general: access management, intrusions, entrepreneurial firewall, systems of failover and clustering.

  • Manuela Sequeira Campos

    Manuela Sequeira Campos


    Expert in Project Analyses.


    Licensed in Economy by FEP; MBA in International Management ( in association with AEP (Portugal) and ESADE Barcelona (Spain).


    Financial Director of various Services and Industrial companies . Board of Directors Vice President of a company in the metallurgic field , with the Financial Office.


    Management Consultancy, Investment Projects Analyst ,Economy-Financing Studies, Business Plans (BP), entrepreneurial Diagnosis and strategy and candidateship to Community Funds. Support in the full process of final auditing.


    Liaison Consultant for the Program Training/Action PME (small and medium companies), duly certified by AEP (Portuguese Entrepreneurial Association).

  • Nuno Vila Real

    Nuno Vila Real


    Translator duly accredited by official British departments in Portugal and abroad in countries belonging to the British Commonwealth-in the languages PORTUGUESE / ENGLISH – ENGLISH / PORTUGUESE.


    British citizen, residing in Portugal, speaking – English / Portuguese / Spanish / Italian and French.


    Recognized and proven quality and rigour in the capacity of translator, in varied fields.


    Has in his curriculum, the management  of various market leading companies and industries with the office of International Director for the fields of marketing and global distribution.


    Carries out his work also as interpreter and translator in charge for international litigations of different companies appointed by the INLAND REVENUE OFFICE in UK, in tax disputes carried out by citizens resident and established in England with industrial and commercial transactions and affairs in Portugal.

  • Sofia Pereira

    Sofia Pereira

    Office and Accounting Support

    Office and Accounting Support.


    Licensed in Accountancy and Administration (ISCAP).


    Has attended the intern training period in the Accountancy Department of ESMAE, giving support to the Financing and Accountancy Services activities. Professional Trainee in HDL, belonging nowadays to the company’s  personnel board.


    Accountancy and Administrative support expert. Co-ordinator for the client’s revenue duties plan. Responsible for the company’s reception.


    In charge for the Execution of dossiers in the sphere of Professional Training measures and Employment Incentive Measure both pertaining to IEFP.


    Support of Focus Group and Events accomplishment.

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